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Gutter Maintenance Weymouth is aware that the right time to clean the gutters may maximise protection and extend their lifespan. Twice a year, at the start of the autumn and the beginning of the spring, gutters should be cleaned. Early in the fall, while cleaning the gutters, the leaves will still be dry and simpler to remove. Additionally, rainwater will readily flow down the gutter when it rains.

After that, into the downpipe to protect the gutter as much as possible. Additionally, because there won’t be any material entering the downpipe, it won’t clog and will be simpler to clean out. Early spring gutter cleaning will once more get them ready for diverting rainfall away and also gives you a chance to check for any potential roof damage from winter storms.

Gutter Maintenance Weymouth – Why gutter cleaning is essential

Gutter Maintenance Weymouth knows that even as you clean the gutter, you should examine their condition. If the gutter is coming loose, it can be re-fixed to the suffits of your property. 

However, if the cyclical wear and tear of the accumulated debris and water have caused rusting and major damage, you should consider replacing your gutter. Older gutters made of iron are prone to rust and should be replaced with aluminum or other gutters that are rust-proof. This will not only make it easier to clean the gutter later but enhance the exterior appearance of your home.  

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Gutter Maintenance Weymouth is aware of the fact that homes that are well looked after will always retain and increase their value so why not take a look at the full list of property maintenance services we can deliver? All of our team has full insurance and can work on any building or property without any problems.

Before and after photos are always taken to show our customers that they are getting the great services that we promise. All of our engineers are open to any questions too, they know exactly what they are doing and are always happy to discuss things with you have you have any concerns. For your free no obligation quote you can get in contact with us by dialing 0800 470 3779 or mobile at 07868 809 958

History of Weymouth

The two towns of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, which are located on each side of Weymouth Harbour in Dorset, are where the present town of Weymouth had its start. The oldest of the two, on the south side, was known as Weymouth as early as the tenth century, when it was a part of the parish of Wyke Regis. By 1252, it had established itself as a seaport and had become a chartered town, dealing in imported wine. On the north side, Melcombe Regis was originally documented in the eleventh century. It started to grow independently about the middle of the 12th century and was granted a wool port permit in 1310. However, since the harbour was so easily accessible to French attackers, Poole became the new home for the staple in 1433.

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